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Alan Gatherer

CTO & Co-Founder, Cirrus360 Corp.

Alan Gatherer is currently the CTO of Cirrus360 and a Fellow of the IEEE. He is responsible for R&D and strategy for Cirrus360 modem development platforms. From January 2010 to January 2021 he was with Futurewei technologies where he was a Senior Technical Vice President in charge R&D efforts in the US to develop next generation baseband chips and software for 4G and 5G basestation modems. He led development of new technologies for baseband SoC in the areas of multimode modems as a Service, interconnect and memory fabric, CPU/DSP clusters and virtualization, focusing on 5G deployment. Prior to that he was a TI Fellow and CTO at Texas Instruments where he led the development of high performance, multicore DSP at TI and worked on various telecommunication standards. Alan has authored over 50 journal and conference papers. In addition, he holds over 80 awarded patents and is author of the book “The Application of Programmable DSPs in Mobile Communications.” Alan holds a bachelor of engineering in microprocessor engineering from Strathclyde University in Scotland. He also attended Stanford University in California where he received a master’s in electrical engineering in 1989 and his doctorate in electrical engineering in 1993.

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