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Kerstin Johnsson

Senior Research Scientist, Intel

Kerstin B. Johnsson received a B.S. degree in Math from the University of Chicago, then M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. She began her career as Senior Scientist for Kiwi Networks, a startup developing advanced cellular Wi-Fi technologies for enterprises and service providers. In 2006, Kerstin moved to Intel Labs, where she has conducted R&D for a host of wireless technologies over the past 16 years including cellular relay, femto-cells, cellular M2M, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi assisted LTE Direct, Wi-Gig AR/VR, Wi-Fi UAV swarm comms, Wi-Fi sensing, and more. Over this time, Kerstin also worked on the IEEE 802.16, IEEE 802.11, and 3GPP standards. Currently, Kerstin is a senior research scientist with Intel Labs, leading research on joint comms/compute optimization.

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